Palm Pacific’s Jump Start is the best package for business’ looking to expand into the Social Media world! Jump Start will allow your business to get involved directly & start getting the Digital image you desire! Also helping the company have all the necessary tools to optimise & engage client base!

Continuous Support

Simply a positive conversation, All questions welcome, Direction & Focus Achieved, Lastly the utmost support along the way

Social Media

Creation of two of the four platforms, chosen by the client. Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat & Youtube. Growth on the platforms selected taken full care of by us.

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Target Market Analysation

Aiming your business in the right direction at the right people for you. Thus achieving maximum results for the client.

Business Vision

The end goal always in mind, the outlook, the message, the story.

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$149 worth of value targeted at your audience each month. Expanding your web presence on any platform.

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